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CEN Develops New Amendment EN 71-1 for Cardboard Toys

November 20, 2013

The European Committee for Standardization (CEN) is developing two new amendments to EN 71-1, applicable to cardboard books and cardboard present in toys.

The first (A1), is intended to provide clarification how to ensure that warnings are clearly visible, easily legible, understandable, and accurate to ensure fundamental information about the safety of toys is available to consumers while purchasing them. The amendment will include an annex providing ‘good practice' providing guidance on:

  • emphasizing the warning;
  • contrast, background and colors;
  • reflecting surfaces and obscuring material;
  • font type, font size and logical direction of the text.

It will also amend the requirements for the Gausss meter used in the testing of magnetic strength.

The second (A3), is applicable to cardboard books and cardboard present in toys. The changes will amend the torque and tension test, for cardboard (paperboard with a weight of 400 g/m2 or more) without a polymeric laminate and having a dimension bigger than the small parts cylinder.

The amendment will also include a requirement for plastic bags greater than 100 x 100mm to have a minimum thickness of 0.038mm.

The amendments are planned to be available during the first Quarter of 2014