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CDP Disclosure Timelines and Resources

Helpful links and information to help you stay organized during the upcoming CDP reporting cycle.

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April 21, 2023

Editorial note: The content in this article was updated on Mar. 27, 2024, to reflect current 2024 CDP Disclosure information.

It is CDP Disclosure season, that time of the year when companies and suppliers worldwide provide investors and purchasing companies with data on environmental impacts, risks, opportunities, investments and strategies. Over 23,000 organizations disclosed data through the CDP’s Online Response System (ORS) in 2023, a 25% increase in responses over 2022.   

To help companies remain organized during this busy disclosure season, we have pulled together some of the most relevant information and links for you.


  • April 30 – CDP questionnaires are available 
  • June 4 – The ORS opens for corporate disclosure. Reporting organizations can sign in and activate their questionnaires when the ORS opens. 
  • September 18 – For companies eligible to receive a CDP score, this is the last day to submit your questionnaire(s).  
  • October 2 – Corporate disclosure ends and the ORS closes for the 2024 disclosure cycle

Helpful links (CDP)  

Helpful links (UL Solutions)  

We hope that the above links and information make it easier to remain focused and stay organized during what can be a stressful time for many companies. If you want more helpful information like this, please complete the contact us form to subscribe to periodic updates and content.


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