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Canada Gazette Releases Amended Kettle Regulations

August 11, 2016

Canada has released SOR/2016-181 Kettles Regulations that specify that a kettle must release no more than 0.01 ppm lead when tested in accordance with the following test method:

I. Prepare the kettle for use in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions;

II. Place 1 L of distilled and deionized water in the kettle;

III. Heat and boil the water in the kettle, for a total of 15 minutes; and

IV. When the water has cooled to room temperature, measure the quantity of lead present in the water in terms of parts per million w/w, calculated on the basis of 1 L of water.

Published by the Canada Gazette on July 13, 2016, the regulations entered into force on June 22, 2016.