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Canada Adds Four Substances to Domestic Substances List

January 24, 2014

Canada’s Department of the Environment has released the intention to move four substances from its Non-domestic Substances List status to become listed on the Domestic Substances List.

The substances are as follows:

  • Manganese oxalate (CAS 640-67-5).
  • Diethylenetriamine tetra(methylene phosphonic acid), sodium salt (CAS 68399-68-8).
  • 2,5-furandione, telomer with vinylbenzene and (1-methylethyl)benzene, propyl ester, ammonium salt (CAS 174391-76-5).
  • Benzene, diethenyl-, polymer with ethenylbenzene and ethenylethylbenzene, aminomethylated, N-(2-pyridinylmethyl) derivatives, sulfates (CAS 1062586-89-3).