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California Issues Notice of Adoption Article 6: Clear and Reasonable Warnings

September 6, 2016


The Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA), Office of Administrative Law has approved the adoption of amendments to Article 6, Clear and Reasonable Warnings, of the California Code of Regulations.  The amendments update the “safe harbor” concept for warning labels on consumer products, providing warning methods and content that OEHHA has deemed “clear and reasonable.”Additionally, the responsibilities of manufacturers, suppliers and retailers to one another to communicate the need for providing a warning are clarified.


Why It Matters
The regulations for applying warning labels on consumer products have changed.  Manufacturers, suppliers and retailers will need to change their existing practices and will also need to evaluate how they communicate with one another about when a warning to consumers is required.  The regulation will be operative on August 30, 2018, however business may comply with the regulation in effect on August 30,2016, or the provisions of the new regulation to allow for a reasonable transition period for businesses to begin providing warnings under the new provisions.The action replaces the repealed sections with a new regulation divided into two new Subarticles toArticle 6. The repealed and new regulations provide, among other things, methods of transmission and content of warnings deemed to be compliant with the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of1986 (Proposition 65).

How UL Can Help
For more details on how UL can help you navigate multiple levels of chemical regulations to bring regulatory compliant, safe, and quality products to market contact the [email protected]. A ULrepresentative will follow up with you soon.