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Bringing Security Home

October 22, 2018

A partnership to better understand the security of connected devices

Smart homes are an exciting reality and, as new products continue to hit the market, the promise of expanding the smart home environment is intriguing to consumers. From connected appliances to smart thermostats, consumers have myriad options for connected technology, but many people remain rightly nervous about the idea of potentially opening the digital door to their home. At UL, we understand these concerns and we are excited to partner with The Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) on its newest research project focused on cybersecurity.

This project, AHRI-8021, Cybersecurity Landscape on Current Standards, will evaluate the current state of cybersecurity standards and codes related to HVACR products with the goal of creating an attainable vision for cybersecurity in the industry. UL believes that everyone plays a role in helping to keep the Internet of Things (IoT) as safe as possible for all users. By helping AHRI outline the necessary steps to reach the goals identified in the project, we are hopeful that the safest possible products will begin to make their way into the market and, eventually, into homes around the world.

This means consumers will be able to connect devices with the added assurance that they have been produced to standards aimed at keeping them safe. For example, smart thermostats can be installed without worrying that bad actors will change the temperature in your home and connected appliance can be used with greater confidence in their technology. For this research, UL is the contractor leading the project, while AHRI’s Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Electronic Controls (ACR) Engineering Committee will provide technical guidance to the UL team.

The ACR Engineering Committee and UL plan to meet monthly until the project’s expected completion in early 2019. With the pace of changes in the IoT space, it is challenging to predict what the future will hold, but we will continue to work with respected organizations and manufacturers in the industry to help keep you, your devices, and your home as cyber-secure as possible.

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