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Bleach Sampling Training Video

Splash of Water Drop

October 31, 2018

In partnership with The Chlorine Institute (CI) and member manufacturers, NSF International and the Water Quality Association, UL participated in the development of a training video to address sampling and quenching of sodium hypochlorite, for certification per NSF/ANSI 60, Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals – Health Effects. The video focuses on pulling the sample, handling the sample, quenching the sample and logging and shipping.

UL’s own Amanda Dail, Staff Engineer - Water Systems Program and Plumbing Products, was selected to be a part of the Bleach Guidance Task Group to help plan out the content of the video, which was aimed at driving safety and consistency, as well as providing a shared training resource for CI member manufacturers and customers of certifiers for NSF/ANSI 60.

Watch the full video here (scroll to bottom of the page)