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ASTM Issues Detergent and Bleach Standards

September 13, 2016

On August 9, 2016, ASTM International released the following seven standards for detergents and bleaches:

ASTM D501 - 03(2016) Standard Test Methods of Sampling and Chemical Analysis of Alkaline Detergents
Sampling and chemical analysis of inorganic alkaline detergents covering the following: caustic soda, soda ash, modified soda (sequicarbonate type), sodium bicarbonate, sodium metasilicate, trisodium phosphate, tetrasodium pyrophosphate, borax, and sodium triphosphate. The standard also provides test methodologies for determining the properties of detergents.

ASTM D502 - 89(2016) Standard Test Method for Particle Size of Soaps and Other Detergents
Assures that the particle size of soaps and detergents conform to density, packaging and particle sizespecifications. The standard includes both hand sieving and machine sieving methods.

ASTM D820 - 93(2016) Standard Test Methods for Chemical Analysis of Soaps Containing Synthetic Detergents
Methods for performing chemical analysis of soaps containing detergents, including the following:  Moisture and Other Matter Volatile at 105°C (Oven Method); Free Alkali or Free Acid; Anhydrous, Salt-Free, Soda Soap; Alcohol-Soluble Matter; Matter Insoluble in Water; Total Alkalinity of Matter Insoluble in Alcohol (Alkaline Salts); Sodium Silicate; Phosphates; Phosphate (Colorimetric Method Using Molybdenum Blue); Unsaponified and Unsaponifiable Matter; Free Fatty Matter; Chlorides in Alcohol-Soluble Matter; Rosin (McNicoll Method); and Synthetic Detergent (by Difference); Neutral, Inorganic Salts.

ASTM D1768 - 89(2016) Standard Test Method for Sodium Alkylbenzene Sulfonate in Synthetic Detergents by Ultraviolet Absorption
Test methodology for commercial synthetic detergents and built detergent formulations that do not contain organic additives. The standard also involves testing of the measurement of the ultraviolet absorbance of the sample at the maximum absorbance point for sodium alkylbenzene sulfonate and at a selected background point in order to determine the amount of active ingredient present.

ASTM D2023 - 89(2016) Standard Test Method of Analysis for Sodium Toluene Sulfonate in Detergents
Test methods that cover the analysis for the apparent sodium toluene sulfonate (NaTS) content of detergents.

ASTM D3598 - 89(2016) Standard Test Method for Citrate in Synthetic Detergents
Test method that covers the enzymatic determination of citrate in both liquid and solid synthetic detergents.

ASTM D2022 - 89(2016) Standard Test Methods of Sampling and Chemical Analysis of Chlorine-Containing Bleaches
Procedures for the sampling and chemical analysis of chlorine-containing bleaches, including sodium hypochlorite (soda bleach) solutions, calcium hypochlorite, and chloroisocyanuric acids and their derived salts.