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Assurance to Risk Managers Through Customized Security System Certification

A security system is not ‘one size fits all’. Security system certification shouldn’t be either.

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April 9, 2019

In an increasingly complex world, risk managers need assurance that physical security plans, meeting their mitigation objectives, are implemented in practice. Security service providers can help their customers, and their own business prospects, by delivering services through our Electronic Security Service Certificate Program. The benefits include:

  • UL Standards to level the competitive playing field by providing all stakeholders with a common language and set of performance expectations. 
  • The rigors of 3rd party certification and ongoing compliance confirmation provide significant market differentiation. 
  • Affiliation with UL, the world’s preeminent testing and certification provider, brings credentials and credibility that add value to your customers’ experience. 
  • UL’s platform connects with risk managers so that communications can be clear and problems resolved quickly, which both facilitates the needs of your current customers and can improve your reputation among and frequency of referrals. 

Our Electronic Security Service Certificate provides peace of mind that physical security plans, meeting mitigation objectives are implemented in practice.

For more information on this program, please contact [email protected].