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Argentina – Halogen Lamps Banned


March 21, 2019

By Ariel Amandi - Argentina Regulatory Program Expert

The Argentine Congress issued Law 27.492, which amends Law 26.473, to include Halogen lamps into the list of lamps not allowed to be marketed in Argentina starting December 31, 2019. The import and commercialization ban will be extended to halogen lamps in all types and models. The government may dictate the necessary measures to facilitate the import and production of energy saving and LED technology lamps.

How UL can help

UL’s laboratory in Argentina is accredited by OAA and authorized by the local government to act as a Certification Organization for the Argentina S Mark and Argentina Energy Efficiency certification schemes, to issue local S Mark and EE Certificates for lamps. UL can work with you and local third-party testing laboratories to conduct the evaluations you need for your products.