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Don't Delay. The Effective Date for CCC Certification of HazLoc Products in China is October 1, 2020

Trust in UL’s expertise to help guide you through the process


March 16, 2020

In today’s global marketplace, it’s critical for manufacturers to stay up to date on changes in the latest industry standards. If you’re already active in the Chinese market, you need the China Compulsory Certification (CCC) mark to continue doing business. If you are interested in expanding your business by exporting products to China, understanding the CCC mark requirement changes is necessary.

What is the China Compulsory Certification mark

The CCC mark has existed for many years, as a mandatory certification mark for goods sold in China. It was previously applicable only to general purpose equipment, and HazLoc equipment was excluded. CCC is similar to other certifications for product safety compliance such as IECEx and ATEX. The CCC affects most HazLoc product manufacturers that want to gain or maintain market access in China.

How the China Compulsory Certification mark affects you

The new regulations will replace the legacy “License A” production mark for Ex manufacturing to the CCC mark and adding further requirements such as additional documentation, testing and factory surveillance. The new system will include: type test on representative samples, audits in accordance with IEC 80079-34 and ongoing supervision after certification. These requirements are also being extended to all factories where these HazLoc products are produced, no longer merely factories within China.

On Oct.1, 2019, equipment for use in hazardous locations was added to the list of products required to carry the CCC mark. There is a one-year transition period for all impacted products. It will be up to the manufacturer to ensure their desired products are certified by October 1, 2020, otherwise their certification will be invalid.

List of affected product types

Ex Motors

Ex Starters

Ex monitoring devices

Ex accessories and components

Ex electrical heating devices

Ex Pumps

Ex transformers

Ex communication, signal devices

Ex instruments

Safety barriers

Ex Power distribution devices

Ex actuators, valves

Ex air conditioning, ventilation system

Ex sensors

Ex instrument cabinets

Ex switches, control and protective devices

Ex plugs and sockets





How UL can help

UL can accelerate the certification process by assisting manufacturers in obtaining CCC certification, including testing and evaluation to Chinese national standards. We can help streamline the CCC testing as an integral part of our existing services for U.S. certification, ATEX and IECEx, helping you to achieve certification in time for the October 1, 2020, mandatory date. Don’t delay – it could affect your business’s bottom line.