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America Makes Supports UL’s Comprehensive Additive Manufacturing Training Program

September 11, 2015

America Makes, the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute, is partnering to expand and scale UL’s Additive Manufacturing training program by making it available and promoting it among its more than 140 members. All America Makes members can take advantage of UL’s curriculum and expertise, including both foundational and hands-on 3D printing learning. Already an active member of America Makes, UL will also develop customized education and training content for future America Makes project teams.

UL is collaborating with America Makes to drive the U.S. manufacturing industry forward through safe and successful implementation of 3D printing. Periodically, America Makes calls on its members to propose solutions to industry challenges. To support this key initiative, UL will create customized learning modules that address the hands-on training requirements of individual projects. While no specific projects are currently underway, America Makes can turn to UL in the future as an additional resource to develop different learning components. Over time, these training modules will be leveraged across both UL and America Makes’ training networks.

"America Makes believes UL’s training and education program will make a positive contribution to the industry," said Leanne Gluck, America Makes Deputy Director of Workforce and Educational Outreach.  "America Makes, along with our members, supports the open exchange of additive manufacturing insight and research. UL’s training and education program is one additional way to create an adaptive and leading workforce and help advance the industry.”

“UL is stepping up to bridge the knowledge gap that exists within additive manufacturing through the America Makes network,” said Simin Zhou, vice president of Digital Manufacturing Technologies at UL. “Together, we will support and grow the additive manufacturing workforce. As the 3D printing industry continues to grow, our training and education curriculum will adapt and develop to meet the needs of different organizations and the workforce at large.”