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Advanced AM Courses to Debut at UL Northbrook


September 22, 2015

The UL 3D Printing team is completing preparations for the debut of three new advanced Additive Manufacturing (AM) courses. The courses, Fundamentals of AM Designs, Design Strategies for AM and AM Economics, will be held at the UL Northbrook Center of Excellence the week of October 26 and are part of UL’s AM technical and economics training.

Chris Krampitz, UL 3DP director of strategy & innovation, is looking forward to the launch. “We’ve been working with multiple AM industry experts to develop these classes. We’ve received valuable feedback along the way to help shape course content. As a result, we are excited to bring this program to the manufacturing community.”

Fundamentals of AM Designs and Design Strategies for AM will bring an AM focus to manufacturability of existing designs, application of DFMA principles, design for X principles, and multi-disciplinary design optimization. Meanwhile, the AM Economics course will explore the economic factors affecting each element of the AM supply chain and teach participants how to justify and monitor investments in various applications of AM technology.

Along with the continued development of new courses, the next goal for Krampitz is to introduce an AM professional certification by early 2016. “If they choose, participants in the UL AM curriculum will be able to work toward a UL AM professional certification via a mix of core and elective courses. We’re beginning to address the AM knowledge gap by educating and certifying the next wave of the AM workforce to produce parts that consistently meet requirements, are safe and of quality.”

The course schedule for the week of October 26 in UL Northbrook (Illinois) is as follows. Follow the links provided for more information on course details, pricing and registration:

Course Duration Dates
Foundations of 3D Printing 1 day Monday, 10/26
Fundamentals of AM Designs* 2 days Monday, 10/26 – Tuesday, 10/27
Design Strategies for AM 2 days Wednesday, 10/28 – Thursday, 10/29
AM Economics 2 ½ days Tuesday, 10/27 – Thursday, 10/29

*Fundamentals of AM Designs is a prerequisite for Design Strategies for AM.

For more information on UL’s comprehensive Additive Manufacturing training program, please visit or email [email protected].