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Added Security, One Label at a Time


July 31, 2018

The UL Mark has long been a respected symbol of product safety for manufacturers, regulators, retailers and consumers around the world. We work diligently to maintain this reputation, so the market can continue to turn to a trusted source. Part of this effort involves working to fight against products entering the market with counterfeit UL Marks.

In addition to other ongoing anti-counterfeiting efforts at UL, holographic certification labels help manufacturers distinguish their products, give retailers confidence in the certification of the products they carry, and help consumers rest easy knowing they’ve purchased a product that meets UL’s rigorous safety requirements. These labels, which must be purchased directly from UL as an added precaution, have proven beneficial for sensitive products that are suspect to counterfeit, and UL experts continue to monitor the global market to determine where else holographic labels may be useful. Though the first UL holographic certification labels appeared in the early to mid-1980s, UL continues to proactively evolve the label to stay ahead of counterfeiting attempts.

In addition to offering peace of mind to consumers, the holographic certification label also helps manufacturers and retailers protect their own brands by working to prevent counterfeit products from unfairly competing in the market. Finally, because we worked with United States Customs and Border Protection in the design of the Mark, it is easy for customs agents to authenticate goods entering the U.S. and stop counterfeit products before they hit store shelves.

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