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Achieve Global Market Access for Medium Voltage Transformers

Help decrease time and cost to global markets with combined testing and certification to UL and IEC standards.

Electric high-power station and powerful transformers

September 23, 2020

As the demand for alternative energy grows, so too does the demand for medium voltage transformers as they are a critical part of many electrical systems that are used to increase or decrease the voltage in electric power applications.

To help you bring your medium voltage transformers to the global market quickly, easily and efficiently, UL can evaluate transformers to a broad range of standards. Along with the UL and C-UL Marks for North America, UL can now evaluate dry type and liquid filled medium voltage transformers to a variety of International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards to facilitate access to diverse markets such as the European Union, China, Brazil and India. These standards include IEC 60076, IEC/IEEE 60076 and IEC 61869.

Combined testing and certification of transformers helps you profit from faster speed to a global marketplace and helps save time and money by reducing the number of required samples and the time in the laboratory.

Utilizing combined testing and certification offers:

  • Single submittal for transformers to be tested against multiple standards resulting in multiple country marks and certifications
  • Expected overall cost savings when combining investigations versus independent testing to IEC/EN and UL standards
  • Reductions in sample requirements and costs

Learn more about our services for low and medium voltage transformers.

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