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Accreditations Received by UL’s Facilities in Mexico

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June 1, 2020

By Daniela Tejeda, Regulatory Program Expert

Over time, more Latin American countries are joining and building regulations related to energy efficiency, promoting the efficient use of energy for appliances. Peru, Panama, El Salvador and Costa Rica are now having a mandatory energy efficiency requirement for certain types of products.

UL’s offices in Mexico are following local regulators closely to get the latest updates and support manufacturers and importers to reach desired countries. Following this commitment, UL Mexico CO received the accreditation for Peru by Mexican Entity of Accreditation (EMA), an ILAC member, as indicated by the table below:


Country Product Regulation Available Schemes
Peru Compact fluorescent lamps Annex 1 (Chapter IV) of Supreme Decree Nº 009-2017-EM Type 2
Peru Self-ballasted (integrated) LED lamps Annex 1 (CHAPTER V) of Supreme Decree Nº 009-2017-EM Type 2


How UL can help

This accreditation granted to UL’s offices in Mexico has opened the following portfolio services:

  • Issue certificate of conformity for the EE regulations

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