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Access to UAE Gets Easier for Building Material Manufacturers

UL's test laboratory in Rosenheim, Germany, has been accredited by the UAE Civil Defense to cover more categories of building materials. This provides manufacturers with easier access to Middle Eastern markets.

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July 17, 2019

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Civil Defense has extended the accreditation for UL’s Rosenheim, Germany, test laboratory to include additional categories of building materials, including tests for fire protection of structural steelwork and firestopping.

As the authority of jurisdiction for fire and life safety products in the UAE, the Civil Defense has confirmed that testing conducted in the facility, which is combined with ift-Rosenheim, is an accepted test body for European and North American standards.

Because different markets and regions around the world rely on different certifications to keep products and people safe, manufacturers looking to import their products in multiple markets must provide the necessary compliance documentation for their products to the applicable standards in those regions.

To import, manufacture or sell fire safety products in the UAE and other countries in the region, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman, manufacturers must test and certify with an accredited testing laboratory and certification body. With the Civil Defense’s extended acceptance of the Rosenheim fire test laboratory along with acceptance of the UL-EU Mark and the UL-US Mark, UL can simplify the process for manufacturers looking to import their building materials to the UAE, as well as the European or North American markets.

This accreditation means the new fire test facility in Germany, a cooperation with ift-Rosenheim, can now be used by manufacturers for the testing of their products for access into the Middle East, allowing UL to provide European manufacturers with Global Market Access using the trusted UL brand.

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