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3DSIM Announces Beta Program for New Product Suite

November 5, 2015

3DSIM, a software company providing products and services initially focused on the simulation of Additive Manufacturing (AM) processes, is accepting pre-orders for its Beta exaSIM Support Optimization Tool. This tool is the first release in a suite of products that will move the additive manufacturing industry from trial-and-error innovation to simulation-driven innovation.

The Beta exaSIM Support Optimization Tool is designed to be the first of several exaSIM-branded tools. exaSIM tools are designed for machine users – people responsible for choosing machine settings, part orientations, support strategies, etc. – to help ensure a part is built successfully. Future exaSIM tools will include features such as: 1) the ability to predict part distortion and compensate a CAD file before a part is built so the part distorts to the correct geometry after removal from supports; 2) the ability to compensate for machine to machine variation so the same part can be built on multiple platforms, but with the same outcomes; 3) the ability to change process parameters to account for differences between powder lots; 4) virtual product visualizations (surface roughness, porosity, warping, etc.); and more.

This first Beta program will focus exclusively on Support Optimization. By becoming a 3DSIM Beta participant, you will be among the first to hear about future capabilities and have the opportunity to adopt them as they become available.

To learn more about the Beta exaSIM Support Optimization Tool and to sign-up for the Beta program, please visit