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Worker using industrial equipment being used

Industrial Products and Systems

Work with us to smooth your path to the global marketplace.

We’ll help you gain a comprehensive view of product and process efficiency within any given system and empower you to mitigate potential hazards and failures. Leverage our expertise and insights to speed access to the global marketplace.

Close-up of Power Distribution Panels

Distribution Equipment

UL’s global network of experts, as well as our involvement in the CB Scheme, an international system for mutual acceptance of test reports and certifications, helps manufacturers accelerate the process of gaining the compliance credentials necessary to rapidly enter global markets.

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Robotic arm manipulating box on factory assembly line

Industrial Machinery and Automation

We can help guide you through the digital transformation of industrial automation. We offer a broad range of services reinforcing safety and security on all levels within the production environment, including testing and certification of industrial automation equipment, interoperability and cybersecurity services, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and wireless communication testing, as well as functional safety assessments and market access services.

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Electrician man working in the electrical control room wearing a yellow hard hat

Instruments and Control

UL’s experts can help you assess and demonstrate the cybersecurity of your products, provide guidance on global regulatory requirements, and test and certify your product to the latest global standards.

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Close-up of man using voltmeter in factory

Low and Medium Voltage Power

As alternative energy needs expand, the demand for low and medium voltage transformers also grows. We test transformers to a broad range of U.S. and international standards, and can also evaluate transformers for efficiency and K-factor ratings.

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Two engineers walking around in a factory with a digital tablet and talking. Robotic arm in the background.

Manufacturing Facilities

Whether you are responsible for developing a product, integrating robotics, building a control panel or managing assets on the factory floor, the manufacturing environment has become incredibly complex. UL can help reduce the time it takes to design products, produce control panels and assess the safety of the work environment.

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