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Talos Energy greatly reduced recordable incidents and increased efficiency implementing UL Solutions PureSafety training.
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Safety Training for the Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and gas industry professionals can rely on UL Solutions PureSafety courses to help reduce operational risks, maintain healthful working conditions and create new safety systems.

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UL Solutions: PureSafety® for Oil and Gas

UL Solutions PureSafety, powered by LearnShare®, is a modern safety training system that helps manage health, risks and safety in the workplace. PureSafety’s industry-leading environmental, health and safety (EHS) software and Learning Management System (LMS) platform partner with UL Solutions safety courses to help mitigate the risks of confined spaces, heavy machinery, combustible substances and other hazards that oil and gas workers may encounter while on the job.

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Certified EHS advisers and industry experts created and maintain our PureSafety courses — which are available in several languages. Our learning software reinforces best safety practices in the oil and gas industry workplace and helps your employees apply these practices in the workplace. The software can also help companies keep up with current safety standards and regulations.


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Our training courses relevant to the oil and gas industry include, but are not limited to:

  • Breaking containment
  • Continual risk assessment
  • Control of work
  • Crane operations
  • Crane operators and rigging practices
  • Lockout/Tagout (LOTO): Blinding and isolating
  • Preventive health and medical management
  • Short-service employees
  • Simultaneous operations (SIMOPS)
  • Stop work authority (SWA)

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Build a better workplace safety training program with PureSafety, powered by LearnShare

These online, on-demand training courses offer in-depth exposure to functional safety standards and the complex regulations, audit requirements and regular inspections specific to the oil and gas industry. But PureSafety training is about more than meeting regulatory and standard requirements — it helps empower you to keep your people safe and prevent as many incidents as possible.

PureSafety courses can help oil and gas professionals improve existing safety systems, while preconfigured learning packages offer you an efficient starting point to redesign your company’s safety training. PureSafety provides a modern learning experience empowering you to start achieving your EHS training objectives — today.

Personalizing the safety catalog for Talos Energy

Talos Energy, a leading offshore oil and gas producer, turned to UL Solutions to improve on its existing comprehensive safety practices. To meet Talos’ needs for safety training specific to offshore rig workers, UL Solutions developed an original suite of e-Learning modules based on the company’s safe-operating practices. The new safety program covered general topics on personal protective equipment (PPE) and control of work and job safety analysis (JSA), and it also included unique segments for the Talos National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) and Safety and Environmental Management Systems (SEMS). UL Solutions also developed a hazard identification module for current risk assessment specific to the company’s needs.

“The training content we developed with UL has not only had a positive reception from our employees, but we’re able to deliver content to contractors too.”

  • Talos Energy

UL Solutions is committed to helping your organization remain efficient and productive, while creating a culture of safety for your employees through easy-to-use compliance tools and case management, surveillance programs, and other effective solutions.

PureSafety for Oil and Gas can help you to:

  • Promote a safer workplace.
  • Create and maintain a safe culture in your workplace.
  • Reduce safety incidents.
  • Meet oil and gas regulatory requirements.
  • Mitigate safety risks.
  • Identify opportunities for safety improvements.
  • Uncover trends in safety performance in your workplace.
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Start achieving your EHS training objectives today.


Start achieving your EHS training objectives today.

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