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Is Your Organization Ready for m-Learning?

Gain insight on how to develop an m-learning strategy for your organization.

Colleagues using their smart phones

What is the most powerful learning tool that most of your employees carry every day? Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have become ubiquitous and incredibly powerful.

m-Learning or “mobile learning” is more than just content developed or consumed on a cell phone. True mobile learning focuses on the mobility of the learner and how they interact with various technologies. Well-crafted mobile learning can successfully accommodate and support  an increasingly mobile population.  

There are a lot of trends in mobile learning that are giving educators, trainers and safety directors more mobility and tools to allow them to create content that can be distributed to people that are predominantly using cell phones.For many of us, work has shifted from a fixed place to various locations. Providing easy access to learning materials on a mobile device helps you to better support the evolving needs of your employees. m-Learning means being able to put information into someone's hands in the flow of work, in the moment they need it. With the use of mobile devices, learners can learn anywhere and at any time.

m-Learning has the potential to help you:

  • Enhance the value of training in an increasingly commoditized e-learning market
  • Offer the right kinds of content for the right context and device
  • Meet the needs of learners beyond the one-time training course
  • Foster a culture of ongoing learning and safe behaviors

Allowing employees to play e-learning courses intended for desktop on a mobile device is not enough. Mobile learning is more than a desktop program made smaller; it is a different medium that requires a different approach. With the right strategy, mobile learning can be a powerful tool that provides meaningful learning experiences that are easy for learners to access and consume.

Join UL’s Teri Hale, PMP and manager of EHS Learning Solutions, for tips on establishing a comprehensive m-learning experience for your employees. Topics discussed during this webinar will include:

  • Definition of mobile learning
  • Five moments of need
  • A blended learning program


Teri Hale, PMP, manager, EHS Learning Solutions

Webinar date:

Aug 25, 2021

Watch the on-demand webinar

Is Your Organization Ready for m-Learning?

On-demand webinar on developing an m-learning strategy for your organization

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