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EHS Online Safety Training Courses

Online training to help organizations keep employees safe and healthy with the UL EHS safety catalog

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Safety Expertise

For over 125 years, UL has been the leader in safety knowledge and management. From our beginnings as a fire safety company to present, our mission has been rooted in safety expertise.


Helping create the safest conditions for your employees

UL’s online training provides a safe and easy way to reach your employees where they are, while in-person trainings are limited or not available.

As organizations return to the workplace, UL offers training to help prepare employees and facilities for a safe return following a prolonged absence.


Library of comprehensive health and safety courses

UL’s online safety catalog contains hundreds of employee health and safety courses, written by safety and instructional experts

  • Certified EHS advisors and industry experts monitor content for regulatory changes and best practices
  • EHS content is available in top global languages for consistent safety messages for all employees
  • Globally-relevant courses deliver training on the most important safety topics
  • Courses feature engaging content and activities to resonate with employees’ experiences, reinforce best safety practices, and enhance transfer of those practices to the workplace
  • UL’s EHS Learning Solutions team can customize existing UL courses or develop new ones to meet your unique learning needs
  • UL also provides options for you to personalize the EHS content yourself, making it relevant for your employees, your products, and your company
  • Training is optimized for computers and tablets, and with an average length of 20 minutes or less, learning is available anywhere, whenever it’s most convenient for employees
  • UL courses are SCORM and AICC conformant for simple and quick integration with most learning management systems

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Featured Course Suite of the Month: Driving Safety

Driving can be stressful. UL’s suite of driving safety courses with topics on changing lanes, speeding and tailgating, offers safety techniques drivers in the United States can use to help prevent accidents. Contact us to learn more about these courses and our full online safety course catalog.

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