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Verified Healthy Building

Demonstrate the health of your buildings with a UL Verified Healthy Building Mark.

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Indoor Environmental Testing and Verification Services

People search for peace of mind when it comes to health and wellness inside a building. The UL Verified Healthy Building program helps building and business owners communicate their commitment to maintaining healthy buildings and report their efforts to a growing contingent of stakeholders, including investors, tenants, government agencies and consumers.

UL Verified Healthy Building program demonstrates the truthfulness of your claims that your indoor spaces provide a healthy environment for occupants in up to five areas:

  1. Indoor air quality
  2. Water quality
  3. Building hygiene
  4. Lighting
  5. Acoustic

Earning a UL Verified Healthy Building Mark demonstrates that you as a building owner, manager or corporation are committed to a built environment that supports occupant health, well-being and comfort. UL Solutions aligns our program criteria with industry-recognized third-party organizations such as the EPA, NIOSH, WHO, CDC, ASHRAE and LEEDv4.1.

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UL Verified Healthy Building

Look for the UL Verified Mark

UL Solutions has verified the indoor environmental quality of more than 220,664,532 square feet and 720 buildings to date. Look for the UL Mark near you.

Verified Health Building Marks

Building owners and managers can use the Verified Healthy Building program to:

  • Verify their readiness claims regarding indoor air, water and building hygiene prior to reoccupancy following an extended period of vacancy, such as during the coronavirus outbreak.
  • Communicate a positive message and differentiate indoor spaces with UL Verified occupant health and well-being marketing claims.
  • Reduce risk and cost associated with occupant health issues and improve productivity related to good indoor environmental quality.
  • Help improve employee and occupant performance while increasing the value of your building and company.

Gain visibility into potential problems so they can be addressed early.

Achieve the UL Verified Healthy Building Mark

Participants have the option of achieving a tiered level approach on the key areas of building health and indoor environmental quality that impact them the most:

Verified Healthy Building for Indoor Air

  • Building spaces are evaluated against rigorous methodologies to indoor air quality (IAQ) and have policies and plans for the continual advancement of IAQ. 
  • HVAC system inspections verify preventative maintenance and focus on ventilation, filtration and hygiene to help ensure excellent indoor air quality into the future.

Verified Healthy Building for Indoor Air and Water

  • Along with the IAQ methodologies above, building spaces are assessed to establish water quality for both human consumption and the prevention of waterborne pathogens.

Verified Healthy Building for Indoor Environment: Air, Water, Hygiene, Light and Acoustics

  • Building spaces demonstrate performance in all five assessment areas: IAQ, water quality, building hygiene, lighting and acoustics. This includes comprehensive checks for building cleanliness and ensuring that light fixtures and acoustics support the well-being of building occupants. 
  • Policies and plans are in place for the continual advancement of indoor environmental quality (IEQ).

From air quality to more comprehensive Verification, UL Solutions experts can help you feel confident with your space so you can pass this confidence to occupants.

There are currently over 600 green building rating systems in use globally. American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) released their annual certification and rating systems comparison, and ASHRAE recognized the UL Verified Healthy Building Mark as one of the 17 rating systems with the most relevance to ASHRAE’s review criteria.

Read more by ASHRAE.

Working with UL Solutions 

How to get started today: 

  • Contact us via the button above to register your interest in the program. You will receive a confirmation email to a short form requesting information regarding your building or portfolio. No commitment to purchase services is required. 
  • A UL Solutions representative will contact you to discuss the UL Verified Healthy Building program, review which tier best fits your needs, schedule an inspection, and develop a statement of work and pricing after the initial meeting.

What happens next:

  • Upon agreement of the contract, the Verification process combines audits, on-site visits including visual inspections and performance testing, and laboratory testing to evaluate the range of building space conditions.
  • We use assessment results to verify claims regarding indoor air, water and environmental quality to confirm that samples align with industry-recognized third-party organizations.
  • We will collaborate with you to establish an assessment program to help you achieve the UL Verification Mark.

Surveillance for UL Verified buildings includes biannual on-site visits and testing of representative locations.

Building health and wellness from the customer perspective

“Just as we select the best performers for our stages, we sought the top experts in the field of indoor air quality to provide us with expertise and services to support healthier indoor environments. UL Solutions is that expert, and we have built a relationship characterized by trust and collaboration over the course of more than 20 years.” Keith McTague, director and chief engineer, Building Services, at The Music Center.

“Since the pandemic, we’ve seen a growing number of questions about IAQ from tenants and prospective tenants. UL Solutions’ trusted name on the Verified Healthy Building for Indoor Air Mark clearly signals our commitment to good IAQ, which is particularly important as people return to work after the pandemic.” Alex Grella, general manager, University City at Brandywine Realty Trust 

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