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Vehicle Inspection Program for Automotive Fire Apparatus

Our vehicle inspection program helps apparatus manufacturers demonstrate that their fire apparatus meets all applicable NFPA 1901 requirements.

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Our vehicle inspection program tests fire vehicles to ensure their compliance with the NFPA 1901 Standard for Automotive Fire Apparatus.

A certificate program for new automotive fire apparatus

Our vehicle inspection program helps manufacturers show that their fire apparatus meets all applicable NFPA requirements.

Fire departments typically include a clause in their bid specifications requiring compliance with NFPA 1901, Standard for Automotive Fire Apparatus, when they purchase a new fire vehicle. The NFPA standard requires the entity responsible for final assembly of the apparatus to deliver either a certificate of compliance or a Statement of Exceptions specifically describing each aspect that is not compliant with the NFPA standard.


  • Quick turnaround time – Our vast network of knowledgeable experts will allow you to schedule your inspection at your convenience
  • Affordable fee structure – Fees quoted include all travel and expenses. No surprise charges. No travel fees.
  • Skilled auditors – Our team of technicians perform audits and inspections across a spectrum of industries. We will assist you in ensuring your company meets all NFPA requirements.

Why UL

We are an independent third-party testing organization and is accredited by International Accreditation Services for inspection and testing systems on fire apparatus in accordance with ISO/IEC 17020, General criteria for the operation of various types of bodies performing inspection. We are the most recognized third-party testing organization in the fire service and have been testing fire department apparatus, equipment and ladders for more than 40 years. Our understanding of how to properly apply NFPA 1901 requirements is extensive and unmatched, and we apply that knowledge to all of our fire equipment testing.

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