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Theater lights hang from backstage scaffolding, ready for the upcoming performance.
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Stage and Studio Lighting

UL Solutions supports the goals of the stage and studio segment, bringing safe lighting equipment and controls to theatrical stages and studio environments.

Partner With UL Solutions To Bring Studio and Stage Lighting Products to Market

The entertainment industry uses illumination both for functional lighting and to enhance the mood and atmosphere of a performance, contributing to the audience experience. Lighting solutions captivate audiences with dramatic and artistic effects to help create an environment that enhances each production.  Stage and studio lighting technology now includes sophisticated control capabilities, which enable customization for the specific show and the dramatic effects desired. Trust UL Solutions to help you navigate through the certification complexities for these types of systems.  

Lighting controls are essential to this industry, relying on consistent and responsive wireless communication protocols that must flawlessly perform to high standards. Additionally, controls and luminaires often need to operate under elevated ambient conditions, including high temperature and humidity, so the system must continue to perform safely while being subjected to various environmental stresses.  

Professionals that support this industry have customers who perform worldwide, and UL Solutions has the global knowledge and service capability to test according to all U.S., Canada, IEC, and other international standards. We are familiar with all relevant national deviations and can add sufficient test features that help ensure proper functionality of your equipment upon request. If national rules require additional in-country testing, we can guide you through this process, involve local partners in accelerating the certification process, and reducing the time to market.

UL Solutions provides services that can help with the safe and reliable use of stage and studio lighting equipment and controls, including those that use a digital multiplex (DMX) communication protocol. We has a deep understanding of how the equipment will be installed and used. 

For manufacturers that need special safety or performance evaluations of their equipment, we can develop a customized evaluation method and test report. Whatever your lighting project, contact us today to get the conversation started.

Full UL Solutions portfolio of stage and studio lighting services

UL Solutions offers the full range of evaluation services for safety testing and performance based on all international standards like UL and IEC/EN. Additionally, UL Solutions provides global market access through a worldwide network of laboratories and local engineering expertise.

Studio and stage lighting testing to UL 8750 and other Standards

Safety requirements for stage and studio lighting are found in the following:

  • UL 1573, Standard for Stage and Studio Luminaires and Connector Strips
  • UL 8750, Standard for  Light Emitting Diode (LED) Equipment for Use in Lighting Products
  • UL 334, Outline of Investigation for Theater Lighting Distribution and Control Equipment
  • UL 60950-1, Standard for Information Technology Equipment Standard  
  • UL 498, Standard for Attachment Plugs and Receptacles
  • UL 1680, Outline of Investigation for Stage and Lighting Cables

Additional guidance for North America regarding the intended application of different stage and studio luminaires can be found in the Guide Information associated with UL Solutions’ certification programs. The Guide Information is accessible through UL Product iQ™ database by entering the applicable category code number (CCN):

IFDZ - Stage and Studio Luminaires, Accessories and Connector Strips
IFEC - Light-Emitting-Diode Stage and Studio Luminaires and Accessories 
EPAR - Theater Dimmers
EPCT - Theater Controls 
RUFR - Stage Type Receptacles
ILPH - Stage and Lighting Power Cable

Visit our Lighting Safety Testing and Certification page for more information, or visit our Lighting Global Market Access page for country-specific information.

Performance testing for stage and studio lighting 

Performance tests and energy efficiency programs vary by region. UL Solutions can help you meet local requirements and regional regulations with our global network of approved ENEC and ENEC+ CB Test Laboratories for lighting products. We hold accreditation and recognitions for many regional and global energy efficiency programs. 

Visit our Lighting Performance page for more detailed information on performance testing, or visit our Lighting Global Market Access page for country-specific information. 

Connected lighting solutions

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) for wired and wireless communication and interoperability is a critical area to address as automated systems and lighting controllers become more advanced. Your lighting products' emission and immunity regarding electromagnetic waves may have local or regional requirements that vary widely.

Visit our Connected Lighting page for more connected solutions.


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