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Security Products and Systems Compliance Testing

Compliance testing and certification for security products to align with improved market access and acceptance.

Man in hard hat on a ladder installing an outdoor security camera


The Internet of Things (IoT), cloud services and mobility are key drivers for change and growth within the security industry. Security products and systems are becoming smarter and more interconnected with other technologies. Software-as-a-service and other innovative security services are ushering in new market entrants and challenging old business models. We understand these challenges and opportunities; we have been a leader in safety since 1894.


Our training, advisory, testing, Verification, inspection and certification solutions for security products, systems and services help you get compliant products to the market quickly. With our expert support, you can mitigate your risks and serve your clients, end users and asset owners to help confirm technology solutions are meeting your needs.

Whether it’s an electronic lock, ballistic resistant material, access control or intrusion detection, we have the trust, reputation and expertise to assess the performance, reliability, interoperability and safety of myriad security technology solutions.

Why UL

We have always been integral to enabling security technology advancements. Our security research, standards development and more than a century of technical leadership in this area has undoubtedly helped to save many lives and properties. We create customized solutions to evaluate new and innovative security technologies and strive to truly understand what success means for our clients.

We offer the UL Mark for security technology solutions, which is a widely recognized and respected symbol of certification to the highest standards, and is a key differentiator within the security market.

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