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Photovoltaic Materials Traceability Program

UL Solutions can help verify the traceability of photovoltaic materials to support the ongoing integrity of your supply chain and boost confidence that materials meet stringent sourcing requirements.

Engineers at photovoltaic power station.

UL Solutions can help you maintain the traceability of PV materials and components, support the ongoing integrity of the supply chain, and increase confidence that materials meet stringent sourcing requirements. Identification tests evaluate whether polymeric formulations are consistent for the supply chain. Our certification for polymeric materials includes three identification tests to fingerprint the formulation:

  • Infrared spectroscopy (IR)
  • Thermogravimetry (TGA)
  • Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC)

Recording the fingerprint, IR, TGA and DSC are required for the initial certification of each model. With this certification, your formulation’s fingerprint is stored. UL Solutions Follow-Up Services verify that your formulation still meets the original requirements it was certified under. We verify continued compliance with safety requirements through ongoing material assessments, such as regular manufacturing visits and sample selection and testing as manufacturers produce the material.

Lifetime testing

Throughout the lifespan of a UL Solutions certification, we conduct regular inspections of production facilities and products, working toward the goal of total compliance. During UL Solutions Follow-Up Services, we also select polymeric materials to be sent to UL Solutions for comparison to the IR, TGA and DSC reference graphs we have on file. Successful comparison to the reference IR, TGA and DSC is an indication that no polymeric changes have occurred. This acts as further evidence that key safety properties of the material remain unchanged. Upon completion, we will issue an inspection report that identifies the model(s) inspected and any noncompliance identified by issuing a variation notice. Our field engineers explain why the variation notice was issued and the process necessary to resolve the noncompliance.

Because our services continue throughout the life cycle of your product, UL Solutions’ dedicated experts can support you every step of the journey.

Why choose UL Solutions for PV polymeric material traceability programs?

UL Solutions applies our deep expertise in the testing, certification and inspection of products and materials for the PV and plastics industries to help boost confidence in polymeric materials used in PV modules. We proudly serve many of the world’s top plastics manufacturers. We also work closely with plastics industry stakeholders to maintain and enhance existing UL Standards, establish new Standards and develop testing and certification programs that address emerging technologies and product applications.

Please contact our experts to learn more about our services or to discuss your specific needs.


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