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Modular Data Center Testing and Certification

The US National Electrical Code® (NEC) allows manufacturers to certify modular data centers for compliance prior to distribution to the outline of UL 2755.

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Modular data center manufacturers can help increase their value to customers and protect their brand reputation with the Outline of Investigation for Modular Data Centers, UL 2755.

The U.S. National Electrical Code® (NEC) article 646 allows manufacturers to meet the various requirements for prefabricated data centers with one certification, UL 2755, if the certification is obtained before the modular data center is shipped from the factory to the installation site. This removes the burden on the purchaser of the modular data center to have the data center inspected and certified on site. For manufacturers, this gives their customers confidence that the product is compliant with applicable requirements. It also helps reduce manufacturer liability if later, the product is no longer compliant because of activities that occurred after shipment to the customer.

Making compliance simpler

UL Solutions helped develop the UL 2755 outline to address the needs of information technology industry stakeholders, such as equipment manufacturers, users, authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) and UL Solutions’ Electrical Council Members. UL 2755 views the components in a data center as a system that can be seen as a single product. The result is a certified piece of equipment that only needs to be evaluated for proper installation in the field, because it has already met the requirements for compliance for the data center unit.

NEC Section 646.4 references UL 2755, Modular Data Centers, as one method of determining applicable UL Listing requirements.

Protection beyond IEC 62368-1

The IEC 62368-1 standard is the core safety standard for information technology equipment and covers electric shock, fire, mechanical and other related hazards. UL 2755 covers the safety of the information technology equipment installed in a modular data center and addresses the safety of the power distribution, cooling systems, structural integrity and transportation considerations. Life safety considerations are included for the protection of service personnel who might occasionally occupy the space during maintenance operations, including reviewing safety issues such as lighting, workspace design, emergency egresses and alarm systems.

UL 2755 draws many of the electrical requirements from related articles in the National Electrical Code (NEC), NFPA 70®.

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