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Lightning Protection Systems

We can help you determine if your lightning protection system was installed properly and complies with current requirements (UL 96A or NFPA 780 Standard).

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COVID-19 response

We are here to help during this challenging time and are continuing to conduct lightning protection system inspections. The health and safety of our Field Engineers is our top priority and certain conditions must be met prior to scheduling an inspection. Please contact us for more information.

UL Solutions Master Label® Certificates for fully-compliant lightning protection systems

Lightning protection systems must meet current requirements and be installed correctly to provide optimal protection.  UL Solutions examines lightning protection system components and completed installations for compliance with UL Solutions’ internationally recognized Standards for lightning protection systems, or other recognized national standards. UL Solutions Master Label® Certificates are issued for structures that fully comply with the selected standard.

UL Solutions lightning protection inspection certificates

Our lightning protection inspection certificate indicates that a lightning protection system has been rigorously tested to provide maximum protection for building exteriors. UL Solutions lightning protection inspection certificates are issued within 48 hours of completion of the inspection or after variances are corrected.

For UL Listed lightning protection installers, UL Solutions provides confidence that the system has been installed in accordance with applicable recognized standards. UL Listed lightning protection installers may request inspections of lightning protection system installations through a dedicated, secure web portal. Additionally, there is a UL Solutions online directory for UL Listed lightning protection system installers.

Why UL Solutions for lighting protection systems

Specifying systems carrying a UL certificate helps to prevent damage and loss. The certificate provides lightning protection system buyers with the knowledge that they need to make informed choices when selecting equipment and an installer. The inspection certificate also demonstrates an uncompromising commitment to safety for insurers, local inspectors and commercial tenants.

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