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Lightning Protection Professional Certification

Demonstrate your extensive knowledge and commitment to the lightning protection systems industry.

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At UL, our first concern is always safety. Since 1908 we have been working in the lightning protection industry, keeping buildings and their occupants from harm. Our century of experience lends us a unique perspective on these essential systems.

We provide several educational certification programs to lightning protection industry professionals seeking advanced qualification. These programs, led by UL experts, have different requirements, but all are a valuable way to help demonstrate to customers and other key stakeholders that an installation will be compliant and functional.

Achieve a UL Lightning Protection Professional Certification

The UL Lightning Protection Professional Certifications are designed to provide individuals an opportunity to set themselves apart with a credential focused on the critical knowledge and skills of the lightning protection systems industry. The goal of this certification is to improve the safety and performance of lightning protection systems through a more qualified workforce.

UL Lightning Protection Journeyman or Master Certification

The program provides two paths towards certification – a UL Lightning Protection Journeyman Certification (LPJC) or a UL Lightning Protection Master Certification (LPMC). The UL Lightning Protection Journeyman Certification covers requirements for ordinary structures from UL 96A and NFPA 780. The UL Lightning Protection Master Certification covers additional requirements for non-ordinary structures such as flammables and explosives, as defined in NFPA 780. 

Candidates who successfully complete the UL Lightning Protection Journeyman Certification or UL Lightning Protection Master Certification receive a certificate that is valid for three years. In addition, each individual’s name is included in UL’s website listing of industry professionals having achieved this credential.

Professional advancement with UL Lightning Protection Solutions

Differentiate yourself in the marketplace by leveraging our global network of technical experts and trusted brand. These educational offerings represent a combination of our industry-leading knowledge and the professional’s commitment to excellence. With a UL Lightning Protection Professional Certification or status as a UL Listed Contractor, lightning protection system professionals can showcase their expertise to industry stakeholders. Building owners, architects, contractors and code authorities can have added confidence in their lightning protection system installation.

Become a UL Listed Lightning Protection Contractor

The UL Listed Lightning Protection Contractor Program is designed to highlight lightning protection system contractors who have proven expertise in their industry. UL Listed Contractors follow all nationally recognized installation standards, can provide a UL Master Label®  Certificate and demonstrate detailed knowledge of lightning protection system specifications and more.

A UL Listed Contractor must achieve a minimum level of competency through education and training. An initial assessment of contractors requires instructor-led training delivered by UL lightning protection system experts.  

The value of a Master Label® Certificate

UL Listed Lightning Protection Contractors provide installed lightning protection systems that are eligible for a UL Master Label® Certificate. This certificate represents the following benefits:

  • Peace of mind that the system bearing a UL Master Label® Certificate complies with all installation requirements and provides maximum protection for the structure or building
  • A demonstrable commitment to safety for insurers, local inspectors and commercial tenants
  • An increased ability to make informed choices when selecting lightning protection systems and professional contractors

Some lightning protection component manufacturers and lightning protection system contractors simply self-declare that their lightning protection systems comply with national standards. This makes it difficult to determine if systems truly comply, are installed properly, or perform as claimed. Purchasing a lightning protection system carrying a UL Master Label® Certificate helps ensure safety, protection and peace of mind.

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