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Early Streamer Emissions (ESE) Evaluations

Mitigate risk from lightning damage and promote peace of mind with independent lightning protection system (LPS) installation inspection services from UL Solutions.

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Determine installation compliance through an early streamer emissions system evaluation

When a traditional Franklin-based LPS is impractical, an ESE LPS installation may be an option. An ESE installation may enhance LPS protection for some building configurations, industrial sites, monuments or other architecturally unique structures. Each year thousands of ESE systems are installed on structures in the United States. An independent third-party inspection by UL Solutions helps in determining installation compliance with standards and requirements, while providing protection and peace of mind for architects, building owners, insurance agencies, code officials, general contractors and LPS installers.

We offer an Engineering Inspection Report for ESE systems installed in the United States using UL certified Early Streamer Emission Air Terminals (ESEAT). This LPS inspection service evaluates installations in compliance with original equipment manufacturers (OEM) specifications for ESE systems. The Engineering Inspection Report includes detailed results that UL Listed LPS Installers may share with applicable stakeholders.

Benefits of an ESE evaluation

Minimize risk of significant property damage caused by lightning strikes to:

  • Reduce downtime and loss of business from lightning damage
  • Confirm that LPS installations comply with installation requirements
  • Leverage UL Solutions’ LPS evaluation experience

Why UL Solutions for early streamer emissions evaluation

We help you differentiate yourself in the marketplace by leveraging a global network of technical experts and our trusted brand to deliver independent third-party LPS inspection services that enable LPS installers and their customers to gain market access, demonstrate compliance and help mitigate risk. With an extensive network of full-time Field Engineers, we promptly schedule LPS inspections with turnaround time according to your schedule. LPS installers with a demonstrated compliance history can request a UL Solutions inspection to help ensure system compliance. Inspection results are provided electronically, making the process of scheduling and obtaining an LPS Engineering Inspection Report quick and easy.


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