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Lightning Protection Solutions

UL Solutions’ Lightning Protection Solutions are focused on providing you with the critical knowledge and safety skills you need in the lightning protection industry.

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UL’s Lightning Protection Solutions include professional inspections of lightning protection systems as well as educational services like our UL Lightning Protection Professional Certifications. These offerings are focused on providing you with the critical knowledge and safety skills needed in the lightning protection industry.

What is a lightning protection system inspection?

Lightning protection systems are commonly used to protect structures of all kinds from damage due to lightning strikes. These systems should be inspected annually to ensure proper functionality. Additionally, the system should be inspected if the protected structure is expanded or modified, has experienced major weather events or damaged components are detected.

A typical lightning protection system inspection involves verification that the system is in good condition and complies with applicable specifications and regulations like the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 780, UL 96A or other requirements per specific jurisdictions or municipalities.

Lighting protection compliance and standards

Inspections of installed lightning protection systems are done in accordance with required regulations, most notably UL 96A and NFPA 780. UL Standard 96A details the requirements for the installation of lightning protection systems. NFPA 780 covers lightning protection methods for ordinary structures as well as structures containing flammables, explosives, solar arrays, wind turbines, and a variety of unique applications. Compliance with these standards can help building owners achieve a more trustworthy, reliable safety system.

Government and military standards for lightning protection

Select government and military installations mandate compliance with robust requirements defined in a variety of government and military standards and specifications. UL Solutions’ highly experienced Field Engineering team has extensive expertise with military and government standards.  These include, but are not limited to, standards such as Air Force AFI 32-1065, Department of Defense UFC 3-575-01, Department of the Army DA PAM 385-64, FAA CFR requirements, and other related requirements specifications for government and military applications.   

Lightning safety and UL Solutions

Our dedication to safety goes beyond an inspection of the lightning protection installation. Through the UL Solutions Lightning Protection Professional Certification program and our UL Listed Lightning Protection System Contractor program, we work with industry professionals to help demonstrate further compliance and quality.  

These programs help to ensure that contractors follow all nationally recognized standards, demonstrate detailed knowledge of systems and have completed a significant level of training. Our Listed Contractor and Professional Certification program are essential elements of our primary goal to improve the safety and performance of lightning protection systems through a more qualified workforce.

Why UL Solutions for lightning protection solutions

As a leading expert in testing, inspection and certification of building materials, we are well equipped to inspect and educate on the proper installation of lightning protection systems. We are widely recognized by code authorities and can help you understand the broader regulatory landscape for the lightning protection industry.