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Landfill Waste Diversion Validation

Services, including environmental claim validations, help demonstrate a company’s efforts to manage waste in environmentally responsible and innovative ways.

Recycling to reduce waste

Large organizations, small companies and municipalities are all working towards a unified goal: achieving zero waste. UL Solutions can validate and provide credibility to these efforts with one of the industry’s first standards for zero waste and waste diversion claims.

Comprehensive waste diversion validation program

Waste generation and waste mitigation have become key issues in the transition toward a circular economy. According to Statista, worldwide solid waste generation is expected to increase nearly 70% to 3.4 billion metric tons by 2050, and with less than 20% of waste properly disposed of or recycled, the interest for zero waste strategies and validation continues to grow. 

Businesses of all sizes are looking to reduce their risk as it relates to waste. Sustainable waste management and validation have become crucial for businesses pursuing sustainability and their stakeholders because these practices directly benefit local economies, global society and the environment. Achieving zero waste is a crucial step toward sustainability. It paves the way to fulfill the present needs without endangering the development of future generations.

The UL Solutions waste diversion validation program focuses on monitoring and measuring material flows that are not part of an organization’s final product. We offer four landfill waste diversion claim validations to recognize companies that handle waste in environmentally responsible and innovative ways: 

  1. Energy production via incineration 
  2. Reuse 
  3. Recycling 
  4. Composting

Materials that are not diverted are considered disposed and go to the landfill or incineration without energy recovery. 

Zero Waste to Landfill Environmental Claim Validation

The UL 2799A, an Environmental Claim Validation Procedure for Zero Waste Classifications requires at least 90% diversion through methods other than waste to energy to achieve one of three Zero Waste to Landfill designations: 

  • Silver – 90-94% diversion.
  • Gold – 95-99% diversion.
  • Platinum –100% diversion.

Each environmental claim validation is clearly defined, carefully reviewed and thoroughly evaluated so that businesses and their customers can understand the environmental significance of such a major achievement.

Benefits of operating a zero or low-waste facility

The benefits of operating a zero or low-waste facility include:

  • Reduced costs associated with waste disposal.
  • Reduced reliance on limited landfill space.
  • Being an environmentally responsible corporate citizen.

Facilities that achieve compliance with UL Solutions Zero Waste to Landfill program are featured by name in our SPOT sustainability database to support your efforts to promote transparency. Customers are entitled to use the UL Environmental Claim Validation (ECV) Mark in their promotional and marketing materials, which provides extra credibility and can help differentiate your facility in a competitive marketplace.

UL Solutions also offers supportive services to help companies implement and promote their waste reduction claims. We conduct readiness assessments, develop programs to optimize processes for waste reduction, reuse and recycling; and validate claims for recyclability, recycled content and take-back programs for waste or reclaimed materials.

With ECV, products and facilities can gain independent third-party evaluation that can be applied to various green codes, standards and procurement policies, including the LEED® Green Building Rating System, IgCC, GSA Advantage!®, ASHRAE 189.1 and more. This helps provide visibility while driving marketplace demand.

How UL Solutions can help

UL Solutions Zero Waste to Landfill Validation empowers businesses to transform their environmental stewardship into true market leadership. We have contributed to the development of more than 80 different environmental testing and auditing procedures to validate environmental claims. We are well-positioned to help all companies worldwide secure credible, third-party validation of waste diversion achievements.