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Factory Relocation Services

UL assists global manufacturers in establishing factories in the U.S.

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Global manufacturers are investing and establishing factories in the U.S. for a variety of reasons including developing new markets and taking advantage of changes in tax regulations and tariffs. Establishing a presence in the U.S. is challenging especially when facing many regulatory, compliance and certification requirements. Our Global Field Engineering team consists of technical code experts ready to assist you in navigating the U.S. regulatory system.

Many U.S. states and cities require buildings, factory equipment, and gas-fired and electrical products to be certified or evaluated. Our Field Engineering solution is an approach accepted by local authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) for meeting this evaluation requirement. UL is accredited as a Field Evaluation Body under the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 790 and 791 guidelines to provide this service.

UL leverages a global network of technical experts and our trusted brand to deliver services that help you navigate the complicated U.S. regulatory approval process when relocating your factories.


Our services include:

  • Local advisory meeting  we provide an overview of U.S. installation codes, standards and specific local requirements.
  • Local AHJ meeting we facilitate meetings between the local AHJ and you to discuss the local requirements for any relocation effort.
  • Initial on-site assessments  we review your factory plans/design, floor plan/layout, factory equipment and building equipment to identify the factory equipment requiring a U.S. safety evaluation.
  • Initial on-site evaluation  we assess all factory equipment required to have a U.S. safety certification or evaluation.
  • Verification on-site evaluation  we return to your factory to verify that any noncompliance issues noted during the initial on-site evaluation have been addressed.
  • Follow-up AHJ meeting  we meet with the local AHJ to provide an update and any additional information required by the AHJ to make a final acceptance decision.
  • Final installation site review  we complete a final verification of your installed equipment and labeling.

Why UL

UL’s Global Field Engineering team provides the confidence that critical project schedules and timelines will be met. Key benefits include:

  • Global field engineering technical expertise  to meet critical timelines, we serve our customers at manufacturing or installation sites around the world. Our extensive network assures our customers will meet schedules and timelines.
  • AHJ confidence in UL  more than 88 percent of AHJs surveyed prefer working with UL.
  • Market acceptance and brand acceptance  our certification Mark and Field Evaluated Product label are proven pathways for gaining AHJ acceptance.
  • Integrity  our reputation delivers confidence that your newly relocated factory meets applicable U.S. safety requirements.

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