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  • On-demand Webinar

Ventilation Air Ducts and Their Closure Systems

This on-demand webinar covers testing and certification as well as local requirements for fire-rated ducts, and how to assess the performance of your fire-rated ventilation air ducts and their closure systems.

Photo of fire rated air ducts

Hear from UL’s expert Dwayne Sloan to learn more about ventilation air ducts and their closure systems, including:

  • Local code requirements and regulations
  • UL 181 — testing for air ducts and air connectors
  • UL181A — testing for rigid air duct closure systems 
  • UL181B — testing for flexible air duct closure systems
  • New rigid duct authorized fabricator’s program 
  • The importance of third-party certification supplemental testing and follow-up services
  • Marking and labeling


Dwayne Sloan, technical director, Building and Life Safety Technologies division 

Webinar date:

August 6, 2020 

Air Ducts and Related Products - Focus on UL 181