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Thermal Imaging Systems as a Medical Device: Meeting the Regulatory Challenge

Thermography systems and devices used in medical applications offer some important advantages over traditional diagnostic tools

Lady wearing a mask getting temp scanned

Thermal imaging systems, cameras and other thermographic technologies have long been used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications. By measuring various levels of infrared radiation and then converting those measurements into temperature readings, thermal imaging systems and devices are being successfully deployed to monitor temperature and heat conditions in factories, to detect petroleum spills in rivers and seas, and to assess vehicular and pedestrian traffic patterns. Thermal imaging technologies are even being deployed in crucial military operations to safely identify risks and to help protect the lives of military personnel.

In this UL Solutions white paper, we’ll discuss the use of thermal imaging systems, and how thermal imaging technology can be used to assist in the diagnosis of underlying medical conditions. We’ll also provide an overview of the regulations and standards applicable to thermal imaging systems used as medical devices. Finally, we’ll discuss how UL Solutions is working with medical device developers and manufacturers to introduce new and advanced thermal imaging systems and devices to the market.


Thermal Imaging Systems as a Medical Device: Meeting the Regulatory Challenge

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