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Testing and Certification for the Performance of Video Cameras

Our certification services can provide third-party Verification that your products have met industry standards — giving you a much needed edge in a crowded marketplace.

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Our testing and certification services to assess the performance of video cameras provides you with a way to differentiate your products in the marketplace and to stand out from the competition. By leveraging the trust in the UL brand, you can highlight the unique features and functionality of your video products, giving end users and integrators confidence when making purchasing decisions.

UL 2802 Standard for Performance Testing of Camera Image Quality

We are pioneering the development of new Standards for video products, such as UL 2802, the Standard for Performance Testing of Camera Image Quality. UL 2802 provides a superior level of reliability and repeatability with a highly objective method of measuring camera performance. Traditional methods offer low repeatability and are highly subjective. UL 2802 provides quantitative ratings based on the measurements of the following performance parameters:

  • Resolution
  • Gray level
  • Dynamic range
  • Maximum frame rate
  • Relative illumination
  • Sensitivity
  • Distortion
  • Veiling glare
  • Bad pixel count


With our technical expertise and testing capabilities, we can develop custom solutions to assist you during your design and development processes to help improve the quality of your video cameras.

Why UL

In an industry that has little standardization, you can benefit from our program by allowing us to confirm and validate your performance claims. Ultimately, end users will be able to select a certified camera with assurance that their specific application needs will be met.

Learn about UL 2802

UL 2802, the Standard for Performance Testing of Camera Image Quality, is a new Standard to objectively measure the output performance of digital cameras.

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