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Safe Return to Work for Employees – Are You Prepared?

Learn what you can do to prepare your employees and facilities for a safe return to work.

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Companies are thinking about how to prepare for employees returning to the workspace or an extended period of working from home. What does the “new normal” look like when it comes to worker and office safety? Is your organization prepared? What do you need to think about now to prepare policies and procedures to keep workers safe in the future? Do you have the right resources and information?

As we begin reassuming work operations, one thing is clear — we're not going to operate in the same manner as we did before COVID-19. As your employees return to work, it's important for you to keep your employees' interests in mind and help ensure their safety. 

Leverage the knowledge of UL experts and allow us to impart key information that can help you ensure your workspaces are prepared for employees returning to work after a prolonged absence.

This webinar walks you through the steps your team should consider when preparing for a safe return to the workplace. Our experts share new training to help your team get ready, including the Safe Return to the Workspace course suite. The webinar also includes an overview of the UL Create tool which can be used to self-customize UL courses to address your unique business, locations and industry.

Key points:

  • Preparing employees to be safe
  • Preparing facilities to be safe
  • UL Training available for safe return guidance
  • How the UL Create tool can help

Questions addressed:

  • As an employer, what is the most important thing I should be concerned with when bringing employees back to work?
  • What employee exposures should I be aware of as employees return to the workplace?
  • How should I address presenteeism with the team?


Eric Glass, senior risk and EHS advisor, UL
Teri Hale, senior learning programs manager, UL

Webinar date:

May 19, 2020

Access the relevant UL training:

As mentioned in the webinar, UL offers eLearning courses to help you keep your employees safe and healthy.

Pandemic Response and Return to Work Online Training

Safe Return to Work Webinar – Employees and Buildings

UL’s experts discuss how to return employees safely to the workplace.


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