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Introduction to Intrinsic Safety for Hazardous Locations

Gain an overview of intrinsic safety concepts, requirements under EN/IEC 60079-11, and the benefits of ATEX and IECEx certification for safer products.

Oil refinery

This webinar is intended for manufacturers of hazardous locations equipment such as portable electrical devices, portable lighting products, land mobile radios, mobile phones in hazardous locations, and other battery operated devices for use in ATEX and IECEx explosive atmospheres.  In this webinar, Adams Sutanto provides background on intrinsic safety and explains key intrinsic safety concepts. He also details the merits of intrinsic safety.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the protection method of intrinsic safety
  • Differentiate between spark ignition and thermal ignition
  • Understand ATEX and IECEx requirements for intrinsic safety

Adams Sutanto, Senior Project Engineer,  UL

Webinar date
Sep. 30, 2020

Introduction to Intrinsic Safety for Hazardous Locations

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