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Importance of Testing Passive Optical Devices

Testing passive devices such as cables, connectors, enclosures, splitters and combiners, helps verify quality controls and inspection processes are in place.

Testing of cable in a UL Solutions fiber optics testing and research laboratory

Watch now: Importance of testing passive optical devices

Watch our complimentary webinar to expand your understanding of standards and testing of passive optical devices so you can comply with applicable performance standards.

Webinar date

Oct. 4, 2022


Daniel Cassidy, senior staff engineer, UL Solutions


Sameer Salam, business head – MEA, Engineered Materials, UL Solutions


Service providers are investing more money in their networks than ever before. Relatively inexpensive devices, such as cables, connectors, enclosures, splitters and combiners, can impact the time it takes to offer services and add additional costs should these devices need to be maintained, repaired or replaced.

In this webinar, engineering experts from UL Solutions explain the importance of testing and verifying the passive fiber optic devices used in today’s networks, including:
  • Optical fibers and cables.
  • Fiber optic connectors.
  • Fiber optic housing.

Through a series of case studies, our experts demonstrate the importance of testing and verification. Reliance on devices that have been proven to perform in their intended environment by testing and verification to assess whether they meet industry standards is an efficient and cost-effective approach to bringing products to market. Expensive telecommunication system deployments should not rely on untested or unverified passive optical devices.

Learn how one of the leaders in safety science—UL Solutions—assesses products for performance and reliability to any UL standard, published industry standard or to your company’s proprietary specifications.


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