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Fire Performance Testing Solutions for Cables and Busways

Explore solutions for manufacturers, brands and suppliers of electrical and fiber-optic cables and busways who need to test their products’ fire safety before going to market.

Fire Performance Testing of Cables and Busways

UL Solutions’ long-standing history in certification and Standards development makes us a trusted thought leader in the compliance area. Stakeholders rely on us for research, knowledge, as well as our in-depth experience in the wire and cable industry and our comprehensive view of how products function within a given system.

We offer a full range of comprehensive testing services to help you meet fire safety requirements. UL Solutions’ research testing and advisory services help assess your cables for compliance with international fire resistance and reactance standards. Additionally, we can help you with a Type testing report and Type examination certificate based on IEC/EN/BS standards.

As a global safety science leader, UL Solutions is uniquely positioned to help you achieve increased speed to market as well as the ability to demonstrate your commitment to fire safety to your customers.

Purchasers, specifiers, installers and inspectors of cables placed in risers or plenums during building construction or upgrade know cables that do not meet safety requirements present a significant risk of hastening the spread of fire. A recent surge in fire incidents — coupled with stricter regulations and mandatory approvals — have made testing and certification of cables a must.

As a global safety science leader with decades of dedicated experience in fire protection, UL Solutions is well positioned to help customers reduce the fire risks of their cables, strengthen protections, better understand fire science and bring innovative fire protection equipment to market. Our fire safety testing and certification services, training offerings and expertise help us fulfill our mission of working for a safer world.

We help specifiers, distributors and the building industry identify cabling products that meet locally recognized safety requirements as well as industry specifications for performance, safety and quality. In other words, when you work with us, you can expect to gain unparalleled recognition and acceptance from electrical inspectors and other regulatory authorities.

Tests we perform

When cables burn, they may produce significant volumes of heat, smoke, toxic or corrosive fumes and falling flaming materials, known as burning droplets.

Our accredited testing facilities can accommodate testing for cables and busways to international standards. Our fire safety staff are global industry experts with a local presence, and the new facility will be able to test fire safety for cable and busways.

We can provide:

  • Reaction to fire tests – Measuring how a cable reacts when exposed to fire
    • IEC 60332-3 – Vertical flame spread on bunched cables
    • IEC 60332-1 – Vertical flame propagation on a single cable or insulated wire
    • Assessment of acid gas emission and smoke generation
  • Fire resistance tests – Evaluating cables’ circuit integrity during a fire
    • Demonstrate various real-life scenarios by including tests for fire alone, fire with water, fire with mechanical shock and fire with both mechanical shock and water.
    • For example, fire alarm cables need to be fire-resistant. If a fire alarm specifies an unsuitable cable for installation, the unsuitable product may burn and degrade.

Standards and deliverables

BS testing

  • BS 6387, Test Method for Resistance to Fire of Cables Required to Maintain Circuit Integrity Under Fire Conditions
  • BS 7846 Clause 17.6.2 to 17.6.5, Electric Cables. Thermosetting Insulated, Armoured, Fire-Resistant Cables of Rated Voltage 600/1 000 V for Fixed Installations, Having Low Emission of Smoke and Corrosive Gases When Affected by Fire. Specification
  • BS 8434-2, Methods of Test for Assessment of the Fire Integrity of Electric Cables
  • BS 8491, Method for Assessment of Fire Integrity of Large Diameter Power Cables for Use as Components for Smoke and Heat Control Systems and Certain Other Active Fire Safety Systems
  • BS 8519 clause 11, Selection and Installation of Fire-Resistant Power and Control Cable Systems for Life Safety, Fire-Fighting and Other Critical Applications. Code of Practice
  • BS 5839-1 Clause 26.2d and 26.2e, Fire Detection and Fire Alarm Systems for Buildings Part 1: Code of Practice for Design, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of Systems in Non-Domestic Premises

EN testing

  • EN 50200, Method of Test for Resistance to Fire of Unprotected Small Cables for Use in Emergency Circuits

IEC 60331 testing

  • Tests for Electric Cables Under Fire Conditions - Circuit Integrity
  • IEC 60331-1: Test Method for Fire With Shock at a Temperature of at Least 830 °C for Cables of Rated Voltage up to and Including 0,6/1,0 kV and With an Overall Diameter Exceeding 20 mm
  • IEC 60331-2: Test Method for Fire With Shock at a Temperature of at Least 830 °C for Cables of Rated Voltage up to and Including 0,6/1,0 kV and With an Overall Diameter Not Exceeding 20 mm
  • IEC 60331-3: Test Method for Fire With Shock at a Temperature of at Least 830 °C for Cables of Rated Voltage up to and Including 0,6/1,0 kV Tested in a Metal Enclosure
  • IEC 60331-21: Procedures and Requirements - Cables of Rated Voltage up to and Including 0,6/1,0 kV
  • IEC 60331-23: Procedures and Requirements - Electric Data Cables
  • IEC 60331-25: Procedures and Requirements - Optical Fibre Cable
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