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How to Prepare for 5G Regulatory Compliance

Gain insight into 5G frequency compliance requirements, testing methods and system performance needs, including the ones for over the air (OTA), electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), interoperability, batteries and chipsets.

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5G worldwide expansion 

At the rate and dimension of 5G expansion, it’s fair to say that we live in a 5G era. Evidence of this is substantial: Nearly 400 wireless operators have announced investing in 5G infrastructure, about 90 wireless operators have launched 5G services, and more than 100 different 5G devices have launched with over 300 devices in various stages of development—by the time you access this webinar, it’s possible these numbers will have changed. 

As with the development, improvement and expansion of any technology, a tech landscape such as 5G can create challenges for compliance testing. For example, the 5G New Radio standards open up new millimeter wave operating bands (designated as FR2) and increase the spectrum in traditional operating bands up to 8 GHz (previously up to 6 GHz and now designated as FR1). In cases such as this, we want spearhead safety testing and certification issues in 5G to ensure compliance requirements are streamlined in conjunction with increasing developments in the technology. 

To better address 5G expansion and the correlating compliance challenges, we’ve listed this webinar for your benefit. 

Learning objectives

In this webinar, UL experts Maan Ghanma and Michael Heckrotte explain:

  • 5G frequency compliance requirements and testing method
  • Anticipated developments in 5G 
  • System performance needs, including for OTA, EMC, interoperability, batteries and chipsets.

Maan Ghanma, Business Development Director, Consumer Technology division
Micheal Heckrotte, PDE, Consumer Technology Division

Webinar date
Aug. 25, 2020

How to Prepare for 5G Regulatory Compliance