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Evaluation of Elevated Temperature Performance of Plastics: South Asia

Learn about the critical properties of plastics that have been exposed to elevated temperatures and the impact in longer-term, safety-critical applications.

Industrial centrifuge for plastic granules

This webinar will review the meaning of relative temperature index (RTI) in a plastic material and how it is determined. Our experts will discuss the requirements for a long term thermal aging (LTTA) program and why a plastic material used in an end product needs an RTI rating.

  • When is an elevated temperature rating required?
  • Critical properties of plastics when exposed to elevated temperatures
  • Programs available to establish RTI ratings 


Prasad Shankarappa, principal engineer, UL 
V.V. Ray, engineer, UL
Kiran Dev, business manager, UL

Webinar date:

Feb. 18, 2021 

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Evaluation of Elevated Temperature Performance of Plastics

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