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ComplianceWire® e-Learning: Using ADDIE Model as a Framework

Maintain the relevance of learning and development courses with the ADDIE model.

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As a learning and design professional, you need to maintain a course review and maintenance cycle to preserve your courses’ value over time. When a training course remains on a learning management system (LMS) for years without any changes, the completion numbers gradually decrease. To avoid this, you need to manage content systematically. The ADDIE model, which stands for analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation, is an effective instructional design model for initial course design and development that can help ensure that courses remain relevant over time. ComplianceWire® from UL Solutions offers advanced guidance and implementation to enable the ADDIE model for businesses.

What are the ADDIE model steps?

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Determine whether the defined audience still needs the training and, if changes are necessary, whether they should be made with input from learner feedback and updates to policies, procedures and regulations.

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The course framework is built by defining specific learning objectives, creating a layout for the user interface and navigations, and identifying specific images. During the maintenance cycle, you should update the course script or storyboard to reflect the identified changes from the analysis step.

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Course developers construct the training course. In the maintenance cycle, the course developers follow the updated course script or storyboard to efficiently and accurately incorporate the changes into the training course.

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In this step, the training course is released on the LMS and assigned to end users. After the course deploys, you should monitor course usage and completion rates.

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Evaluate the training course to determine its effectiveness and identify areas for improvement.

For more than two decades, ComplianceWire® life sciences e-learning courses have been the go-to learning resource for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), providing training to more than 40,000 investigators worldwide, including those from global, federal, state and local agencies. We offer the same technology platform and coursework utilized by the FDA in its virtual university exclusively to our valued customers.

In addition, ComplianceWire® offers a wide range of extensive content and offerings to further support businesses in advancing their implementation of the ADDIE model. Our comprehensive Create tool and custom course development services enhance each step of the ADDIE model, from analysis to evaluation. By leveraging ComplianceWire®’s content, businesses can seamlessly integrate the ADDIE model into their training programs, ultimately leading to more effective and impactful learning experiences.

Maintaining your course’s relevance is crucial to ensure that the course’s value does not decrease with time. Partner with UL Solutions and ComplianceWire® to benefit from our proven track record and our commitment to delivering high-quality e-learning resources. Contact us today to explore how our platform and content offerings can help your organization implement the ADDIE model and achieve compliance training excellence.

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