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Building confidence: Trust in your dampers, fire and smoke protection

UL experts discuss essential steps to take into consideration with building dampers, fire and smoke protection.

Building windows on fire

View an on-demand, recorded version of the second event in our 2020 moderated discussion series on Building Confidence: Trust in Your Dampers, Fire and Smoke Protection. The discussion also includes a Q&A with attendees. Any additional questions can be directed here.

Key points:

  • Standards and certification updates 
  • NFPA 90A dampers and ventilations
  • Fire damper regulations and best practices
  • Proper installation methods and considerations
  • Proper maintenance, consider compliance and misconceptions
  • Dynamic ceiling radiation dampers 

Webinar date:


Building confidence: trust in your dampers, fire and smoke protection

View the August 11, 2020 webinar on dampers, fire and smoke protection.

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