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Bringing Safer Micromobility Products to Worldwide Markets

Successfully overcoming challenges of global regulatory differences for testing and certification of micromobility devices: TQ Group success story.

TQ-HPR50 Drive System.


Advancements in battery technologies, such as higher-energy-density lithium-ion batteries, have made micromobility products more affordable, more powerful, easier to charge and lighter weight. To keep pace with these innovative products entering the market, specific safety standards help evaluate products’ battery and electrical and charging systems. These safety standards help mitigate electrical, fire and mechanical hazards in micromobility products.

TQ Group needs

The TQ Group was founded in 1994 as a two-person company and today has nearly 1,900 employees working at 13 locations in Germany, the U.S., Hungary and China. The challenge for TQ was to bring its new product, the TQ-HPR50 e-Bike System, to market while meeting the rigorous requirements for product safety and compliance that apply — and differ — worldwide.

TQ was having difficulty finding a testing and certification supplier that could offer competence and technical expertise in product safety compliance and provide a better understanding of the required standards. 

To read more about TQ challenges and how UL Solutions experts were able to support them, download the full case study.

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“UL Solutions was the most helpful in clarifying the Standard,” said Andreas Böhm, project manager for TQ-HPR50 at TQ-Group.

“It was a very new standard at the time, and they helped us get a deep understanding of it and get our components certified step by step with weekly meetings and very good and open communication. Our contact in Poland was competent, had a deep understanding of the standards and was very patient in providing us a better understanding of UL 2849 specifically.”

Download the case study

TQ Group case study - Bringing safer micromobility products to worldwide markets

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