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Are You Compliant with CMS Training Requirements?

Does your functional area reflect the CMS training regulations? When was the training last updated? Watch this webinar to learn more about CMS Program Audits and effective training.

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Watch now: Are you compliant with CMS training requirements?

Watch this on-demand webinar to discover how to provide training that is optimized for delivery and retention. 

Webinar date

Sept. 20, 2023


Shelley Segal, CEO, Segal Medicare Experts 
Carrie McKeague, Ph.D., manager, Content Solutions

Does your functional area training reflect the current Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) training regulations? When was the training last updated? Are you expecting a 2024 CMS Program Audit?

Learn more about CMS Program Audit common findings and effective training to help ensure that these three findings are not on your CMS Audit Program final report: 

  1. Failure to properly address and resolve grievances
  2. Mishandling quality of care grievances
  3. Misclassifying organization determinations or reconsiderations as grievances

How do you supplement the corporate training programs, so your employees get the specific required functional training that reflects the current CMS regulations? Do you need to fill in the gaps for regulation-specific training? Are you ready to feel confident that your organization’s training strategy is robust enough to continuously train employees on critical regulations, guidelines and procedures? And how do you provide the documentation to CMS to evidence compliance during the CMS Program Audit? Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more about the Medicare Advantage and Part D training best practices. 

In this webinar, Shelley Segal, CEO of Segal Medicare Experts, and Carrie McKeague, Ph.D., manager of Content Solutions, will share information on the most common conditions during CMS Program Audits. We’ll also discuss how to mitigate the risks around training in regulation-specific areas. Additionally, we will cover trends in the e-learning industry, such as micro-learning and personalized learning, that results in training that will be optimized for learning effectiveness.

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