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Built InForm™ Software for Building Safety and Governance

Track and manage building features and activities throughout your property portfolio with Built InForm™ software.

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Built InForm™ Demonstration Video

Learn how Built InForm™ gives building owners and property managers a full view of building assets and compliance activities

Building safety and governance

Demonstrating building governance and safety throughout your property portfolio

Whether managing a single building or a large portfolio of buildings, safety should never be overlooked and a false sense of security endangers everyone. It is critical to have confidence that your properties are safe places for all occupants. 

Managing safety

Revealing and addressing safety risks requires governance of safety programs and activities across your property portfolio including building systems and assemblies and the responsible persons. You need to be able to quickly identify and understand which features of your building have risk exposures – from external building envelope systems to internal critical life safety systems. Haphazard safety tracking and lax governance magnifies risks and dangers to life safety.

Software solutions - UL Solutions Built InForm™ 

Built InForm helps you track and manage the building features and programs throughout your property portfolio. Empower yourself with quick access to records and information to disclose to external parties as needed.

Intuitive dashboards 

Put all your building profiles and digital records at your fingertips. View building features and activities, identify gaps and address risks as they arise.

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Features and benefits

Track and manage building safety features and workflows. Identify and address risks across your property portfolio.

  • Empower building owners to safeguard assets and public safety
  • Simplified solutions for building owners and managers
  • Easy-to-use record system for all building information 
  • Full assessment history of building features  
  • Quick access to building safety records 

Demonstrate safety and governance

  • Dynamic building profiles with certifications and qualifications 
  • Track program workflows, routines, activities and assignments
  • Instant access to overview dashboards and building statuses  
  • Risk profiles of buildings and features based on requirements, assessments and criticality 
  • Immediately identify buildings with safety lapses and drill down to identify root causes
  • Track and verify completion and accurately record internal and external quality audits together in a single system.

Link safety activities and responsible individuals

  • Schedule and record safety activities with specific individuals  
  • Establish and manage profiles of pre-qualified individuals
  • Manage training and qualifications of personnel with UL software or other leading platforms

Role-based features to control access

  • Control access and visibility among participants throughout your building portfolio 
  • Institute role-based access and permissions
  • Share information and capture input depending on stakeholder roles 
  • Provide limited disclosure-ready information 
  • Allow contractors to confirm quickly that their safety critical work has been completed


“Helping to protect people where they live and work; that is our expertise. Built InForm™ helps customers manage their building safety with a digital application built for purpose.”

  • Christopher Hasbrook, vice president and general manager,
  • Built Environment, UL LLC

Tracking Building Safety with Built InForm™

Manage and demonstrate building governance and safety throughout your building portfolio. Rapidly access information about building systems, assemblies and safety activities.

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