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Advancing the Circular Economy in the Automotive Sector

For the past couple of decades, the automotive industry has been under considerable pressure from governments and society to pursue a more sustainable model of growth. Learn how circularity can help.

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The automotive sector has made significant progress in reducing the environmental impact of production and use of vehicles. Still, implementation across the industry remains fragmented across the value chain. Can circularity related initiatives help build resilience into the automotive industry?

Learning objectives: 

  • Sustainability-related challenges and opportunities facing the sector 
  • How design decisions, second life opportunities and new ownership models can promote circular outcomes and industry resilience even during disruptions like a global pandemic
  • The value of standards in evaluating and comparing progress
  • Showcasing three examples of industry best practice as illustrations of long-term resilience


Catherine Sheehy, global lead of sustainability partnerships, UL

Webinar date:

Dec. 16, 2020

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Driving In Circles: Advancing the Circular Economy in the Automotive Sector

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