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UL Solutions Launches HDMI® Certification Testing Service

We provide testing services for HDMI connectors, cables, sources, sinks and repeaters.

HDMI cable.

August 10, 2023

UL Solutions announced today the launch of HDMI certification testing services through its center of excellence laboratory for high-speed wired connectivity testing in Taipei. UL Solutions has been qualified by Simplay Labs, an HDMI Authorized Test Center (ATC), to perform compliance testing of HDMI connectors, cables, sources, sinks and repeaters as an independent contractor under the Simplay Labs umbrella.

High definition multimedia interface (HDMI) is the leading multimedia interface standard for the transmission of audio and video data in consumer electronics. HDMI technology can also be found in industrial, healthcare, aerospace, automotive, security, surveillance and other applications.

Ultra High Speed (UHS) HDMI cables (also known as Category 3 HDMI cables) must be additionally tested for electromagnetic interference (EMI) compliance at an HDMI Forum approved test house. UL Solutions laboratories in Taiwan and Dongguan, China, are two of the approved test houses and can help HDMI ATCs, cable manufacturers, buyers and other customers evaluate cables for EMI compliance with the requirements outlined in the Ultra High-Speed HDMI Cable Certification Program.

“UL Solutions has existing capability for testing to USB, DisplayPort, Thunderbolt and PoE specifications,” said Fred Shek, Greater China general manager, Engineered Materials, UL Solutions. “The launch of HDMI testing service at a UL Solutions in-house testing laboratory allows us to offer a more complete compliance offering to support industry testing needs.”

UL Solutions is also a global safety testing and certification body that can address challenges in product development and regulatory compliance of HDMI products beyond performance evaluation. Learn more about our IEC 62368-1 testing and certification services, the safety standards for Audio/Visual and Information Technology Equipment (ITE) products.


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